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Business Succession Planning

Business Meeting

Business succession planning is a key element for any business with more than one owner, including family businesses.


In the event that a business partner passes away prematurely or is disabled and unable or unwilling to return to the business it is important to document a plan for this person’s exit. Having a business succession plan in place with appropriate insurances will create certainty for all involved.


A business succession plan will allow for a relatively uninterrupted continuation of business. Insurance can provide funding to purchase the equity of the partner who is exiting the business, without the potential added financial burden of having to borrow or source funding elsewhere.


For the departing partner or their estate, you can ensure you or your family are fairly compensated for your investment and hard work in building the business.

We know that no two businesses, partnerships or relationships are the same. Zerella Financial will thoroughly discuss your business succession plan checklist, options and other valuable information to before putting the right policy in place to help you, your partners and your families formally agree on the best business succession plan to suit your business.

Safeguard your business – get in contact today to explore your options.

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